I was born and raised in Santa Cruz. I love the area and all it has to offer. When I’m not photographing weddings you can find me hiking around the Santa Cruz Mountains, kayaking on the bay, or gardening in the backyard with my wife. 


I have had a camera in my hands for over 15 years now and I like to take it with me on all my adventures.

I have come to believe that documenting life and creating art can be one and the same. This is what motivated me to get a BA in Digital Media. 

Everything about the photographic process excites me - I have fun when I shoot! 


My journey into portrait and wedding photography started after my own wedding. I realized what a fantastic event it was to be part of. There were so many emotions, unique moments, and beauty to be found. Its quite exciting to capture all those things, convey the story of the day and deliver those memories as images. 

When I'm photographing I'm more into documenting you as you are in this moment and while I do a fair amount of posing, I'm not focused on the small details I'll put you in a spot with the right light and find the best angle but then I'm going to let you be yourself and capture the process. I find this creates more natural shots and unique moments. I want the photographs we get to be a collaboration between me and you. 

Working with me is a stress free process, I want to make my clients feel comfortable and able to be themselves on camera. I’ll take an active roll in posing you if you need it but I prefer to place people in front of the lens and capture their unique selves as I see the world. Take a look at my photos to see what that looks like!